Size Chart - Kapitana Posted on 05 Aug 16:10

We are happy to give you a size chart of Kapitana. The aim is of course to be able to offer size charts for all styles soon.


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New Retailers! Posted on 18 Mar 09:26

You can now find Plasticana in Sundsvall, Umeå, Stockholm, and on Gotland! For more information, check out the "Retailers" page.


Image from Berså on Gotland.

No. 1 product at Formex Posted on 14 Jan 21:36

Horsana was picked as the number one favorite by Lotta Ahlvar, CEO of Handarbetets Vänner, trend expert, and former CEO at the Swedish Fashion Council (12yrs). 

”Helt unika. Jag har aldrig sett något liknande. De är mina number one, för att de handlar om den viktigaste trenden – hållbarhet. De är lika rätt i stan som i trädgården.” - Lotta Ahlvar

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FORMEX 2015 Posted on 13 Jan 23:05

Plasticana is stepping out on the Swedish market for real at Formex - the largest design fair in northern Europe. Plasticana has already been selected by Lotta Ahlvar as the most exciting product at the fair this time! Lotta will also interview Katinka Holst on Friday around 14.00.

Come and see us in space A42:21


Long lasting feature Posted on 19 Nov 12:53

Plasticana just made an appearance on the amazing sustainability blog

Read it here! (In Swedish)