About Us

Plasticanas boots, shoes and sandals are made in Angers, France since 2002. The unique and patented material mix, invented by André Ravachol, is made with recyclable (and/or recycled) plastics and hemp. No colors have been added so the shade and the spots will vary from each pair. It's actually the sugar in the hemp that gives the shoes the carmel-like color!

The reason behind using hemp is to replace other fossil fuels and sulfurs otherwise used in plastic. Hemp is also a great choice since it is easy to grow in any climate, it strengthens the plastic, and produces enough cellulosa to minimize the use of fossil fuels that is otherwise normal when producing plastic. Both the hemp and the plastics are grown/produced in France. 

Join us in supporting modern sustainable material development together with Plasticana! 

Plasticana's manufacturing sites are managed in line with the ISO 14001 environmental standard and all products meet the REACH European Union regulation to protect human health and environmental impacts. 


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